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Hi. I'm Michelle. I believe in following my passion, and I believe you should too!

My career started in horse racing, where I rode racehorses at high speed every day! I loved my job so much! However, a bad head injury changed my perspective on health, making me realise how important it is. Therefore, I changed careers.

This forest was never ending!

So, I decided to follow my passions, which included horses, dogs and travel! I created 3 different businesses to do with my passions. I was taught that you had to make money by doing the standard '9 to 5' job because (and I quote) "that's just what you do".

However, I knew something wasn't quite right with that, and I knew I wanted something more, something different, something with more freedom. I also didn't want to work towards someone else's goals.

Checking out the tractors at Shropshire Agricultural festival!

Birmingham Airport

Things I Love


Planes, Cars, Ferries



Ice cream, pizza, smoked salmon and soft cheese sandwiches, chocolate, chips, smoothies


Going to the beach, water sports, surfing, travelling, reading, being around animals, 

Me and my friends heard there was free food! :p

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