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Be good to your parents before it's too late

Parents can be a wonderful thing. They influence you to achieve your best, they pick you up when you're feeling down and they make your house feel like a home whilst you live there. Parents can give you the best start in life, and make you confident to tackle the world head on.

Many people have different relationships with their parents, some people are very lucky to have loving parents and unfortunately, some people don't. But if you want a nice relationship with your parents, you have to try and maintain it, and never take them for granted, before it's too late.

Parents and children have different lives and it can become difficult to maintain a relationship with each other when you both have different lives. For example, if the children have children of their own when they grow up, then it becomes increasingly difficult if they are doing thing with them. Also, things like full time jobs and partners also consume time too.

But the not so nice truth is, nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, neither do people. You know the famous saying 'You don't know what you got until it's gone'. Well this is nothing more than the truth. I have made it a point to say to each and every family member 'I love you' on a regular basis, because one day, there will be a day where I won't be able to say it anymore.

Be present

Make sure when you see your parents, that you give them all of your attention. Don't hang around on your phone, make sure you are listening and acting like you want to be there.

A lot of people tend to have regrets with people that pass away, when it's too late. They don't realise their mistakes when their parents are in front of them. The same can be said for relationships that aren't working, if people were a little more mindful of what they are doing and saying, and how it affects the other person, there would be a lot less problem with relationships.

People hear everyday about things happening, for example, deaths or broke relationships, yet they don't think that these kind of things will happen to them. But the harsh truth is, that people leave us, whether that be death or in person.

This is why you must appreciate what you have whilst you have it. You must realise that one day you won't have your parents in front of you, there will be a time when you would give anything just to have another 5 minutes with them. Don't have any regrets whilst they are still here. Make time for them, give them a call if you are away. Make sure they are OK. Make sure if you argue that you state that you love them dearly regardless of a disagreement.

Cherish every moment

Apologise for any wrong doings. Make sure that the relationship with you and your parents is as good as it could be. It will make your life better and easier and it will make your parent's life easier too. Don't leave it too late because of your pride or your ego. Your parents spent a lot of their life raising you and looking after you, so the least you can do is thank them with care, love and attention.

Cherish your parents, before it's too late.