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Croyde Weekend

Updated: May 10, 2019

It's always nice to have a little getaway now and then for a change of scenery and some inspiration. For me, living in the Midlands, it put into perspective how much a move to the beach would mean to me. I love the sea, I love surfing and just generally being by the ocean. The peaceful waves crashing against the shore and the fresh natural air. It's what I dream of.

Croyde is a beautiful, small, surfing town in North Devon. The cute little shops and the laid back attitude of the people makes me love Croyde and almost see it as a second home. Almost all of the shops and cafes are styled with a surfing theme.

I have recently got into surfing and Croyde is the perfect place for anyone wanting to surf. The waves are brilliant. I only went to Croyde from Sunday to Monday so it was a small trip really, but a small trip is better than no trip at all. I am already planning my next trip to Croyde.

Go somewhere new and you may get inspired.