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Female Travel Safety Tips

Whether you are travelling on your own or travelling with others, safety whilst you are away is very important. There is no doubt that travelling is one of the most rewarding life experiences. Although this is a great experience, it’s important to stay safe whilst enjoying yourself. Accidents can happen to people who can be reckless and uncaring, especially if you aren’t a frequent traveller and aren’t sure how to keep safe whilst abroad. Always let someone know where you are staying and where you have gone, be it a family member or friend. Don’t worry too much as the point of being on holiday is to enjoy yourself, but use some common sense. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Here are some tips to help you keep safe;

Keep valuables hidden

Many tourist attractions are a target for thieves as they know that tourists potentially have valuable items on them such as phones, cameras and money. Therefore, it’s important to keep valuables out of sight so it makes it harder for thieves to steal something if they don’t know where it is. Don’t carry any valuables around your neck, for example a camera as these can easily but cut at the strings and snatched.

Avoid travelling at night

Night time can be a little bit scary, especially in a new area as a female. Make sure you either travel in the day time where there is plenty of people or use a certified taxi. Make sure the taxi is marked, if the taxi doesn’t look right to you, wave them on and wait for another one. Night time tends to be more prone to crime than during the day.

Don’t wear expensive jewellery

If you are in area you don’t know, don’t wear expensive jewellery. This is like an advert for thieves. There’s no need to wear expensive jewellery when you are a tourist.

Avoid certain conversation topics

Everyone has opinions, and that’s completely fine, but know that some people feel more strongly about certain subjects and you don’t want to upset the wrong person. Topics to avoid include religions, politics and culture.

If in doubt, tell someone, especially staff

If you are worried or find someone acting suspicious, tell someone immediately. Hotel staff will be more than happy to help as they will try to prevent crime as much as they can. They will also know the local area more than you do. They can also give you advice on what areas are safe to explore and what areas should be avoided. Find your way out of a situation if someone is making you feel uncomfortable.

Know the local police number

Whenever I travel to a different country, I always write down that country’s emergency service number just in case. It gives you more of a security if something bad happens.

Know where you are going

As fun as it is to explore, don’t just carelessly wonder around. Know where you are going and where you are at all times. Carelessly walking into the wrong neighbourhood can be costly.