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How To Heal From a Break Up

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Break ups are one of the worst pains we go through. It is grieving someone we have lost. Being close to someone, and then losing them quickly feels awful, but, hope is not lost.

A break up means that person wasn't right for us, that person didn't fight for us, that person wasn't the person we needed, it means we haven't met our special someone just yet.

And more often than not, after a break up, we think of the good times in the relationship and forget the bad things that we didn't like. Remember those times he used to pick his nose and then eat it, eewww! Thank you next!

Here are some tips to help you move on and live your life, because you deserve to!

Block them from all social media

The worst thing to keep you from enjoying your life and moving on, is stalking their profiles, checking to see if they are happy. The truth is, you won't move on if you obsess over them, you need to live your life now. Whatever the future has in store is a different story, but for now, you need to move on from the hurt and heart break of this and find your smile again. Truth is, smiling photos after a break up is fake. No matter how many smiling photos they post, having fun, truth is no one can get over a break up that quick, so it's fake. Ignore it and live your life! You deserve to.

Keep busy and go out

Fill up your life with everything you couldn't do before. Plan lots of fun activities with friends and family and live your life to the fullest. Plan that girls trip you've been holding off. Go buy that outfit you really want. Keep busy and fill up your life with amazing activities. You may even meet some amazing people along the way.

If you keep your life busy, you will be reminded that there is more to life than one person. One person isn't your whole life, they are merely just a part of your already fantastic life. So go and live your best life!

We only live once, so enjoy it while you can

Don't slack, look after yourself

It's OK to reach for that tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, you deserve a little treat. But don't slack on looking after yourself. Now is the time to focus on yourself. Eat the right food, exercise, drink lots of water. Look after your personal hygeine too. Get your hair done. get your nails done. Now is the time to look and feel your best. You never know who may be watching. ;)

If you slob around and let yourself go for days on end. You will feel worse about yourself in the long run. You are a beautiful human being. So don't be afraid to show that. Wear your best outfit, put on your favourite shoes and feel good.

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Listen to your favourite music

Put on your favourite uplifting tunes, then dance and sing like no one's watching. Let the music take over you and uplift you. Music has been scientifically proven to increase your happiness,so choose your favourite spotify playlist and listen when you can. During a drive, at home, or even on breaks at work.

Talk to supportive people

Break ups are a tough thing to go through. Friends and family can help you a lot through this time. They can listen to you, give you advice and sometimes make you smile. If you have some thoughts or feelings you need to get off your chest, call your best friend and rant away. They will like that you have rung them for support and be happy to help. It has been scientifically proven that getting things off your chest heals you and is very healthy to overcome emotions you are experiencing. Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind.

It's OK to cry

At the end of the time, a break up is a hard thing to go through. It's not healthy to suppress feelings, especially when you want to get over them. So when you need to let it out, just let it out. Let all of the negative emotion leave your body when ever the feeling arises. Cry on someone's shoulder, cry on your own. Whenever you need to cry, just let it out. Yell it out, cry it out, scream it out at home if you need to. It's normal and healthy to do so. It's a step in the right direction.

Do you have any break up tips that you would like to share? Let me know