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Meet My New Puppy - Rosie

I dreamt of having a puppy for so long, years after my previous dog had passed away, I always knew there was a hole that he left that I would later fill with another dog. Unfortunately, due to my living situation in a rental property, I couldn't get one just yet as landlords tend to not want pets in their properties. You can understand why to be honest, but it doesn't make it easy for the tenants.

Rosie (my new puppy) came at the perfect time! She can at a time I had just broken up with my boyfriend, a time I was almost losing hope with the world. My emotions were running all over the place and I needed something new to work on. So what could bring my motivation and hope back? A puppy of course!

I live in the Midlands in the UK, and I went on a crazy search one night to find a puppy. I already had in my mind that I wanted a big dog, although little dogs are so cute, I wanted a dog I could cuddle like a human. So I initially looked for a Golden Retriever, and then started looking for a Labrador.

I looked and looked, until I found an adorable little Red Fox Labrador, last puppy in the pack available. At the current time, I thought lets go and see it. If I like it then great, if I don't then I can look again.

So me and my mum drove 1 and a half hours North to Cheshire to go and look and this puppy. We were asking all kinds of questions, like why is she the last one in the pack? Is there something wrong with her? Maybe she is the last pick on accident, maybe she is perfect.

We arrived at this lovely little farm in Cheshire. I walked through the door and a tear came to my eye and I saw these adorable little bouncy Labrador puppies. I was in doggy heaven. Immediately one of the puppies ran up to me, wagging its tail in joy, happy to see me. Then I asked, 'So which one is the available one?' and the owner said, 'That's the one you have with you now'. Now, I don't like to say it's fate, but the puppy I came to see was the first one to run up to me. I was sold immediately, she was so cute and adorable, I just had to have her, and due to her reddish coloured coat, I called her Rosie.

Rosie is now 6 months old, and a whole lot bigger! You can see the size difference in the photos

Have you recently had a new puppy? Let me know what breed of dog you had in the comments