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Photos That Make You Want To Visit Ireland


  • Irish people speak English which is the main language, but most have good knowledge of Irish too.

  • Ireland is a very safe place to travel to, in the cities and in the countryside.

  • Ireland's currency is the Euro.

  • Ireland and Northern Ireland are two different countries and can have separate beliefs. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and located in the North.

  • There are many ATM's around in the cities and at service stations.

  • Ireland's weather can get a little cold and prone to rain. So it is important to bring layers of clothing.

  • Like England, the Irish drive on the right hand side of the car, and left hand side of the road and speed limits are measured in Kilometers.

  • Tipping is not necessary in Ireland like it is in other countries, but giving a tip indicates you enjoyed their service.

Ireland is such a beautiful, yet underrated country. It has a fabulous mix of history and modern culture. Even though Ireland is small compared to other countries, the memories you can experience here will be big. There are endless amounts of beautiful greenery and culture that goes back thousands of years. There are plenty of museums and buildings to see if you are interested in Irish history. There is a variety of things to see when you visit the Emerald Isle.

Historical buildings to visit;

  • Irish Parliament in Dublin

  • National library of Ireland in Dublin

  • Castles in most towns

  • Plenty of museums including the National museum of Ireland in Dublin

  • Guinness Storehouse in Dublin (The home of Guinness)

  • Temple Bar in Dublin - opened in 1840

The people are very friendly, and make great conversation no matter where you go in Ireland. These people make you feel welcome and jolly.

I used to live in Ireland a few years ago in County Tipperary which is a beautiful green country in the South of Ireland. Whilst I was there the scenery and the people really blew me away. The little towns in Ireland offer so much culture and history, whilst the colourful houses and friendly people give it character. There are many towns that are lovely and small, whilst having an amazing view in the background full of hills. I loved my time in Ireland and can't wait to go back.

Whatever you are into, being it festivals, alcohol or history. Ireland has something for everyone. Ireland even also has some of the best road trips in the world not to be missed.

So if Ireland is your next destination, enjoy!