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Rosie's First Time at the Beach

Rosie is my Red Fox Labrador and she is now 9 months old. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. She was so small when I first got her, now she takes up my whole bed! It's true what they say when they tell you 'Enjoy a puppy's younger years, because they don't last long'.

It's amazing how fast time flies. But the most important thing to do is enjoy the ride.

Considering Rosie is a Labrador, they are bred for hunting and being in the water. When she reached the sea, it was almost like she was meant to be there. As soon as she saw the water, she darted towards it in excitement. I really wanted her to take to the water quickly and she did! I'm like a proud mum.

I want to give my Rosie the best experiences, and the best road trips. Who knows where we will end up next. (There's a high chance it will be the beach again but it's the thought that counts).

Here are some photos from her first time at the beach.