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Royal Air Force Air Show with Explosions!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I'm in England and it's been pouring down of rain for weeks. (Typical English Summer) Write in the comments where you are from! I'd love to hear from you. But, despite the weather, I went to the Royal Air Force air show in Cosford. I go every year, it's almost become tradition. It was originally forecast to rain, but luckily, there was barely any. To be honest, last year when I went it was 26 degrees, and almost too hot to really enjoy it and relax. However, this year it was only 19 degrees, neither too hot or too cold so I thought it was better this year. Summer is amazing, but when it's too hot, it can get a bit sweaty and you feel like you don't want to walk anywhere in the heat. I remember buying so many ice creams and cold drinks last year to try and keep warm. Don't get me wrong, I had two flake ice creams this year too, but it was for taste purposes this year.

I am a huge lover of planes in general so this is right up my street. I can't explain how exciting and thrilling it is to be there. You have really loud planes like the tornado that makes the Earth sound like it's going to crack in half. Then you have the Chinook, which is an army helicopter with two propellers above it, pictured below. And this year, you also had the spitfire and a missile helicopter re enacting how they let off missiles. You can see the explosion for that display below too! I don't know how I managed to get that photo, because it happened so fast! You almost get a small adrenaline feeling, as you realise how powerful some of these planes are and how close the RAF Red Arrows get to each other, eek.

It is located at the Royal Air Force base in Cosford, Shropshire, and there are other things to see as well. For example, there's a museum that's free to enter with loads of old planes for the World Wars, and old passenger planes too. You could also go and visit some of the stands where there were experienced pilots and engineers who were very friendly, so you could ask them questions. My question to the Chinook display team was, "why don't the blades hit each other, and have they ever?" Turns out they are on different height levels and it's never happened (as far as he is aware).

If you want to experience something that feels larger than life, this is the place to go!

Let me know in the comments what makes you feel larger than life.