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The Best Way To Deal With Rejection

Unfortunately, rejection is a part of life. No one in this world can go through life without experiencing some kind of rejection. The truth is not everyone will appreciate your worth and that’s OK. You weren’t put on this earth to satisfy everyone. You can be the most beautiful rose in the garden, and there will always be someone who prefers daisies. That’s something you have no control over and something you can’t change, so what’s the point of being stressed about it?

That being said, getting rejected is a hurtful experience. It feels like you’re not good enough for something/someone. It feels as though you fell short of expectations. It often feels personal. No matter who you are, most people will be hurt when experiencing rejection, it’s hard not to be. Even though emotional pain can’t be seen, it still hurts as much as physical pain. It can also lead us to think a lot of negative thoughts following the event, like ‘I’m not good enough for anything’. But this clearly isn’t true. You are loved by your family, your friends and you have probably succeeded in job interviews before. Just because one person doesn’t see your worth, doesn’t mean to say others won’t.

Don’t let one person stop you from taking risks, because there will always be someone who sees your potential. If you have recently been rejected, it is a type of pain and requires some healing. You can feel sad if you need to and let the pain out. It will start to get better within time.

One of the most common reasons people get hurt whilst being rejected is because they put all of their eggs in one basket. They expect a situation to go a certain way. Sometimes, we feel that if something happens we will automatically be happier. But this is not always the case. If you don’t feel happy within yourself, external factors will only give you a small amount of happiness. Make sure to put your energy elsewhere so you have other things to satisfy you if something doesn’t work out. There are many things in the world you can get satisfaction from, so don’t rely on one thing.

Another thing you can do to help heal from rejection is to talk it out with other people and your support system. Talking it out with others can make you feel supported and remind you that there are other things in life that matter as well as this one thing you are thinking about. It can also help give you perspective other than the one you are currently thinking which may be negative.

It’s also good to have alone time as well as social time. Sometimes all you need is some time to cool off and think about things. Allow yourself this time if you feel like you need it. Learning to love your own company is just as important as being social.

If you feel you are struggling in certain areas of life, it is OK to seek professional help. This will help you deal with obstacles in life a lot better, and it can help you to be prepared for anything else that comes your way. Having an external opinion different from someone you know, will help you think more rationally. People close to you, more often than not, only tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.

What happens externally to you is not a reflection of you. Sometimes, there are people who are very closed minded, and these people will always have an issue with anything you do. The best part is, their opinion doesn’t matter. You can’t impress everyone in the world and you don’t need to. You are living for yourself, no one else.

Make sure you are living your life as much as you can and doing things you love. You should only pursue hobbies if you want to do them, not because these hobbies will look cool to other people. If you live for yourself, and enjoy what you do, you can build your self-esteem so setbacks won’t hurt as much because you will already be fulfilled elsewhere in your life too.

Every successful person in this world has been through many rejections and failures, it’s a part of life and It’s a part of the path to success.

Keep going, you won’t regret it.