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Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Happier

Updated: May 23, 2019

Read a book

Take a walk

Listen to your favourite music

Pamper yourself to make yourself feel good

Meditate to put your mind at ease

De-clutter your house, work space, bags and car

Throw out things you haven't worn in a year

Exercise daily

Travel - see new places, get inspired

Attend events

Meet your friends and family more often

Talk your dog out for a walk

Be around animals

Keep on top of finances as best as you can

Buy yourself a little something now and then

Take care of important tasks first thing during the day

Watch your favourite movie/tv show

Go to the cinemas

Try something new

Remind yourself of all your accomplishments and what is great about yourself

Help others

Meet new people, speak to a stranger (not in a creepy way)

Go outside

If you need to cry, cry! Let it all out

Give someone else a compliment

Create a bucket list

Skip the small talk, talk about deep subjects, it helps you connect and get what's off your chest

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Smile, because you deserve to :)