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Traditional English Foods To Try

England is a place I have called home for many years. Being half English (and half German not that it matters) I am very aware that everyone thinks eat Tea and Biscuits all day, which a lot of people do if I'm honest. However, there are many other English foods that you can try if you're not originally from England.

Even though we love our English food, we are also big fans of continental dishes too. There are many many Indian and Chinese restaurants in England too, as we love a takeaway. (Food to that you order and it gets delivered to your home ready to eat). We eat it that much it's kind of become part of English tradition too.

Fish & Chips

This is a very popular English dish you may hear a lot when you talk about English Food. Fish and chip shops are located everywhere in England, and mainly by the seaside. It is tradition to have notice fish and chips on a lot of English pub menus as well. In the early days, fish and chips used to come wrapped in a newspaper. But nowadays, you would have them wrapped in a sheet of paper.

Meat Pie

In England we have a shop called Greggs and they sell everything to do with pastry and dough. So for example they sell Meat Pies (Pastry with meat in the middle), small pizzas, sandwiches and even cakes. Greggs is a little bit like the savoury version of Mcdonalds. At Greggs, you can find many Meat Pies. Meat Pies can also be called Bakes, for example, a Steak Bake which will usually be square, whereas pies tend to be round. The meat they use inside can either be Steak, Chicken or Beef. These scrumptious pies are so delicious and filling, they are little dinner in a pastry.

Roast Dinner

A Roast dinner, or sometimes known as a Sunday dinner because people tend to eat them on Sundays only, is a dinner that consists of Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puddings, Gravy (lots of it), and some vegetables. This is the dinner of all dinners.

People tend to eat them on a Sunday with their families, because they are too heavy to eat everyday. Or you can go to a Carvery restaurant where you get to eat as much food as you like for one price.

Sausages and Mash

Sausages and Mash Potato to write it in better English, is another favourite English dish. You can't really buy these from a takeaway shop to eat at home but you can buy it from a Supermarket and eat it at home. This is a popular dish in pubs as well, and we all know how much English people enjoy pubs.

Another common saying instead of Sausages and Mash is Bangers and Mash.

You can add gravy and extra side dishes to this dinner to give it some variety. The more sausages the better. If you want the Mash Potatoes to taste even better, you can put Butter inside to make it taste creamier.

Full English Breakfast

There is nothing more English than a full English breakfast. I don't know about you but I am a fan of a big breakfast, and they don't come much bigger than this. A full English breakfast usually consists of sausages, egg, tomato, toast, mushrooms, bacon and hash browns.

It is great for those with a hearty appetite. Full English breakfasts tend to be served in a lot of English hotels and a lot of restaurants who serve breakfast, although unfortunately, these usually end at a certain time of the day.

Scones and Tea

Scones and tea (also known as cream tea) usually consists of Scones filled with clotted cream and jam. These are very delicious and can be quite filling too. You can also ask for additions of cakes, sandwiches and cookies to go with it. This is a very traditional English thing to do and should be experienced at least once (you can thank me later).