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What To Pack For a Summer's Day Trip

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

We all love a bit of adventure, even if it's just for a day. No matter where I am going during the day, the items I put in my bag are usually the same. I like to ensure I have what I need to stay comfortable.


Moisturiser / lip balm

This is another item I don’t go anywhere without. Skin and lips can get very dry as the day goes on, so I always have moisturiser and lip balm handy when I need it. I don’t like the feeling of dry skin, especially my hands, face and lips.

Jumper or cardigan

I live in England, and as you may know, it can get a little chilly in the evening. I’m not a fan of being cold, so it’s nice to have something to pop on if it gets a little chilly. Even if I go on a road trip, I pop one in my car just in case. A lovely walk on the beach in the evening can get a little cold, so a jumper or cardigan is perfect. Plus you can wrap them up pretty compact and put them in a bag.

Sun cream

This should be one of the most important items in your bag. Most people enjoy getting a sun tan, but it’s important to keep safe whilst doing so. Plus, we are aiming for brown goddess not red tomato. getting sun burnt is not good for the skin, and it can be sore for days on end. Rather be safe than sorry.


I love a nice Summer’s day, everything is so beautiful and bright. But it can be bad for your eyesight and make you struggle to enjoy the view if you are constantly squinting. I never go anywhere without my sunglasses because you never know when the sun is going to pop out.



I highly recommend bringing water with you. Keeping hydrated in the Summer is very important and shouldn’t be ignored. You can buy a collapsible water bottle if you are going on your travels, or you can get a small water bottle to pop into your bag. Keeping hydrated improves your mood and lot and can stop you from feeling fain tin the heat. It can also help reduce fatigue.



I am the kind of person who is always eating hourly. Now, before you judge me and say I love my food (which you would be right to say). I can’t typically go for long without eating, my mood tends to drop when I am hungry, and occasionally, I go dizzy. So, I always bring a snack or two in my bag for those moments. I usually bring pieces of fruit, cereal bars or a packet of crisps.


Head phones

This is another item I never go anywhere without. A pair of headphones can go a long way to keep you entertained if you are waiting or travelling. Make sure your headphones fit the device you have, also make sure your headphones have great sound quality, as they can make a song sound not so great.

Phone charger/Portable charger

Now, this one isn’t a necessity, but if you are away from home for a while. Your phone battery may lower quite quickly, and occasionally, especially if you go on a train or you pop into a pub, they have plug ports you can quickly charge your phone in. You always should have your phone reasonably charged for safety reasons and in case you get lost. Another tip I have to save battery life, is to turn off your mobile data when you aren’t using your phone. This saves so much battery life when you aren’t using it.


Wet wipes

Wipes are an item I have recently realised the value of. Have you ever stepped in mud? Or ate something sticky and you can’t see a bathroom in sight? Wet wipes can be a savior in these situations! It’s like having a portable sink. (Well not quite, but hopefully you get my drift).

Do you have any must have items to carry on a day trip? Let me know in the comments below.